What’s The Best Pixie Cut for My Face Shape: The Experts’ Opinion

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The change of the season often calls for a new trendy haircut. But women are very cautious when it comes to cutting their hair. You always have to take into consideration your face shape. With that being said, you are probably asking “What’s the pixie cut for my face shape?”. Who can adapt the short hairstyle in 2023?

pixie cut for my face shape short hairstyle ideas 2023

What’s The Best Pixie Cut for My Face Shape?

Cutting your hair short is a real adventure because we usually go through all kinds of emotions. We start thinking if we should take the plunge and simply do it. Should we get bangs, and how short should we go are also questions going through our minds. I’m not going to lie to you, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, so you don’t regret your decision. As you know, pixie haircuts are one of the shortest for women. I guess you are aware that even if they are super easy to maintain, once you get a pixie cut, it will take time to get your long hair back. But, fear not! That’s why we’re here today. The most important part of getting a pixie haircut is to know your face shape. Depending on it, you are going to know which pixie cut exactly will make your facial features look better and not the other way around.

It is not a cliché to say that there is a Pixie for every face shape out there. In 2023, a lot of hair experts came up with a lot of pixie hairstyles that are easily customizable so it can fit more and more women. With that being said, let us show you the way of the right pixie cut according to your face shape!

Is Pixie Cut Good for Square Face?

is pixie cut good for a square face shape


Ladies with square faces usually have a prominent jawline and wider cheekbones. Even if you are slimmer, they can make your face look bigger and masculine. To avoid that, you have to think about more volume in your hair. Now, contrary to popular belief, women with square faces can adapt the pixie cut. The only condition here to make it look good is to try it with layers on the top. They can be wispy or shaggy, depending on your preferences. But, they will draw the attention away from your cheekbones and jawline.

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Oblong Face Shape Pixie Cut

oblong face shape pixie haircut 2023 women trends (1)

If you have an oblong face shape, then you should consider yourself lucky. This is one of the most proportionate facial shapes out there, which means that you can adapt almost every hairstyle with easy. When it comes to the pixie haircut, hair experts recommend opting for something with bangs. Even if you choose a pixie cut that doesn’t have layers, the bangs would be the best option. This will ensure that you keep your balanced proportions. Of course, if you want more dimension and movement, adapting layers will also look amazing on you.

Do Pixie Cuts Suit Heart Shaped Faces?

pixie haircut for heart face shape women 2023 hairstyle

People with a heart shaped face are actually very rare. Their foreheads are usually narrow from the sides, the cheekbones are prominent and the jawline as nicely shaped. Some celebrities even go through expensive procedures to have a face shaped like a heart. If you have a naturally, then you have to show it off proudly. The short pixie haircut that Zoë Kravitz is rocking is the full proof that people with a heart shaped face should adapt a pixie cut without a doubt. The short haircut will emphasize on your facial features and this is the best you can do for your face, because your shape is already beautiful.

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Pixie Haircut for Oval Shaped Face

pixie haircut for oval face shape women

If you have an oval-shaped face, then those longer pixie hairstyles won’t look that good on you. Instead, opt for something shorter with bangs. For the fans of the voluminous pixie hairstyles, you can still adapt layers, but our advice is to not go over the top. You can adapt the short haircut with baby, wispy, or even curtain bangs. The curtain bangs are the most face-framing, so we highly recommend them!

Pixie Haircut for Round Face

pixie haircut for round face women hairstyle 2023

Girlies with a round face shape should try a pixie cut that has more volume at the top, instead of the sides. So, when going to your hairdresser, ask them to cut the sides slightly more and leave more hair at the top. This way, you will ensure that the haircut will elongate your face and not make it seem even rounder. The short pixie haircut with layers on the top will create the illusion that your face is slimmer. Do you want to add trendy bangs to your pixie cut? Simply avoid the blunt bangs and you are good to go!

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