Unique stacked glass chandeliers designed by Esther Patterson

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stacked glass chandeliers by esther patterson modern and ecclectic

A chandelier by definition is a branched, often ornate, lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling.  Formal, fanciful, artistic – they illuminate our spaces. Chandeliers can be made of all sorts of materials, starting from finest crystal or wrought iron and finishing with plastic. We have chosen to show you the amazing design of a collection of stacked glass chandeliers by Esther Patterson created for Curiousa & Curiousa.

Stacked glass chandeliers with artistic vision

stacked glass chandeliers by esther patterson multicolored glassand walnut wood

A creative design of a chandelier is quickly becoming a focal point in every interior, a topic of conversation and an immediate recognition of the good taste of the owner of the home. Esther Patterson is showing a creative and unique design of stacked glass chandeliers. They are inspired by the finials and spires of Moroccan and Asian architecture and are made of free-blown, stacked multi-coloured glass and walnut wood slices.

Stacked glass chandeliers – a modern form of art with eclectic appearance


A ‘triptych” is a function of art that is split into 3 pieces – usually panels but now – glass shapes.  The Tryptych Stacks is stylish and original and Esther Patterson, the founder of  Curiousa & Curiousa, certainly knows how to shape up a magically beautiful design. The stacked glass chandeliers are made by hand by skilled craftspeople in the UK. The design features colorful glass parts with different size and shape and dark walnut disks. The parts are stacked upon each other and the final result is absolutely striking. The Triptych Glass Stacks were designed for the Hayward Gallery where they are a part of the Light Show.

  Tryptych Stacks by Esther Patterson modern chandeliers


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