From large Maori motifs on the back to small symbols on the wrist, behind the ear or on the foot: We take a close look at the most popular tattoos for women and men and show you numerous examples of various body parts – forearm, upper arm, wrist, neck, ear, Thighs, back, and stomach.

Cool lettering, Maori tribal motifs, birds, flowers, butterflies await you at Deavita. In addition, many pictures of henna tattoos and matching templates for virtually every part of the body.

Whether it’s a cute pineapple tattoo, a motivating phoenix tattoo or perhaps a moth tattoo: all motifs have meaning. We compile the most interesting ideas and explain the meaning of the various symbols that give us strength, courage, inspiration, and fascination.

Spiritual tattoos – symbols, meaning, and design ideas

Japanese tattoos – symbols, meaning, and design ideas

Super cool and masculine forearm tattoo ideas and designs for men

Ankle tattoos for men – design ideas, images, and meaning

Beautiful Faith Hope Love tattoo design ideas for men and women